Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Shiner

As we were packing to leave from Fort Worth yesterday, Kathryn was playing and all the sudden we heard a thump and a scream. Sure, this becomes something a mother and father become used to with a infant teetering on tolderhood, but this thump was definitely a doozy.

Turns out, she went face first into the night stand. We tried to put ice on her poor little cheek but she was way too pissed to allow us to apply any ice on the bruise.

After she calmed down, things were back to normal, minus the black and blue forming on her left cheek.
30 minutes after the incident when we revisited the
Water Gardens with some lovely coloring on her cheek...
Back home as if nothing had phased her
A tiny bit bruised, but mostly just an adorable face!
And tonight she's still sporting her little bruise with a touch of black eye

And yet again, still sporting that adorable, ever-so-sweet face


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