Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend In Fort Worth

We are very fortunate that we were able to take a mini-vacation to Ft. Worth and take advantage of our 3-day weekend thanks to Memorial Day.

Although money is tight, which seems to be a trend with most people these days, we were able to stash away some money here and there for a while, allowing us feel not-so-guilty on the splurge of a trip away.

Some friends joined us on the trip and we hope to make a tradition out of a Memorial Day Weekend with an even larger group of friends in the future because we really had a great time.

On our first day there we headed to a Texas Rangers baseball game. Thankfully we were under the shade, which was much needed on a hot Texas spring night!

Smart girl keeping hydrated all throughout the game
Sad - one of the only shots of our friends who joined us (behind Kathryn)!

Dedicated fan?
After 4.5 innings, Kathryn decided it was time to leave.
In her defense it was her bedtime by that point!
On Sunday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. We definitely got our money's worth...5+ hours of walking around and seeing every exhibit possible!
Checking out the gorillas. She was attached to E. J. all day.
Hard day of checking out the animals
Not exactly a fan of sitting on the kangaroo statue
After the zoo we ate a delicious dinner. It was a long day, can you tell?
After dinner we headed by to the hotel and checked out the rooftop deck. Since K was rested after her dinner-time nap, it was time to show off her dance skills and practice some walking while there was music playing, naturally.
Can you tell she was a bigger fan of E. J. that day?
When we initially arrived in Ft. Worth we went right across the street to explore the Water Gardens.
Kathryn loved them so much that we went back before we headed home on Monday. She was obsessed with touching the water!
And now it's back to the ole' work week, but we had a great time on our mini-vacation and a different change of pace.


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