Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Few New Things

Kathryn has had a few changes this week that I wanted to document before my mommy brain quickly lost its thoughts.

*We started using half the amount of formula (now 4 oz) and mixing the other half with organic, hormone free whole milk. She's doing really well with the transition. Soon enough we won't have to buy formula anymore. Thank goodness because I can easily find other bills to put that $$ towards.
*Now that she's older and past the SIDS dangers, we let her start sleeping with the little kitty that she's obsessed with. E. J. got her the kitty a while back and she doesn't let it go once she has her strong little grip on it. Usually, we go into her room to check her out before we go to sleep ourselves. This has been the scene in her bedroom room the past few nights:
As you can see, I clearly need to do some laundry because she's been wearing random pieces of comfy clothes to bed. Oh well, comfy kids clothes work just fine to substitute for pj's. That goes for adults too, right? I hope so.
*This week she has really showed that she comprehends "Uh-Oh". K will purposely throw something on the ground and say "Uh...". She just hasn't mastered saying the last part "Oh" just yet. Cute :).

*After breakfast this morning E. J. and I were sitting on the couch while Kathryn was playing on the floor. Before we knew it, she climbed up on the couch with us and then got herself down as if she had been doing it for years. In K's words, "Uh"...oh.

Amazing how one week can bring so many new things.
May 21, 2011


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