Friday, May 13, 2011


Over two weeks later, and I'm just now getting around to recapping my family's great visit to Texas. I'm so fortunate that they were able to make a long weekend trip down here so we could celebrate Kathryn's 1st birthday together.

Unfortunately, making a trip to see their grandchild/niece doesn't mean just hopping in the car and heading over to our house. A trip to see each other requires purchasing plane tickets, taking time off work, and careful planning a.k.a. time and money.

We really appreciated them coming down for the special weekend. Plus, I'll take an excuse to see my parents and brother anytime!

If you know my dad you know that 1) He can't sit still 2) He's a workhorse 3) He's incredibly talented at pretty much anything he does. Just like every other visit, he needed a project to do around the house. He happily accepted the task of staining our house. We are seriously lucky. He did an awesome job!
Good thing you're seeing this for the first time now, mom...or else you would have had a heart attack at the sight of dad putting the ladder in the bed of the "green machine"
Out to dinner
And we topped it off with some tasty fro-yo!
Mom thought it was funny to look at all the trucks parked outside during K's b'day party :)
I love this one!
Spending time with Nana :) (Thanks for all your help with the birthday party preparations, mom There's nothing like having your mom around!)
It wouldn't be a trip to TX unless Sam took E. J.'s 4-wheeler for a spin
Sam definitely had a TX country-living experience. We all went on a walk one afternoon and saw my FIL and some of his friends getting ready to head out hog hunting. Being the social butterfly that he is, Sam quickly accepted the invite to check it out and came back forever changed and quite possibly a little traumatized.
An accidental pose with the kill-of-the-day. Gross.
Another great visit with my even greater family!


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