Monday, May 2, 2011

1st birthday party!

This weekend we celebrated K's first birthday. WOW! Yeah, I'm not sure how that's possible either.

The days and hours leading up to it, I was a bit of a preparing maniac, but I suppose that's a mama's job when it comes to preparing her daughters first big b'day. :)

On the menu for the lady bug themed party: hot artichoke dip, a yummy chutney, "pigs in a blanket", chips and salsa and queso, veggies and onion dip, and mac n 'cheese bites. Basically it was an appetizers and cupcakes party.
Although this walker was not a birthday gift, the birthday girl enjoyed the crowd to show off her skills.
Soon enough we will have an independent walker. Sigh.
Dad and Sam looking pretty. (Notice the lady bug theme colors?)
Cupcake time :)
I've gotta say, I don't think this picture does my cupcakes justice, but it gives you an idea. I made 45 of them and we have a dozen left over...they were a hit but aren't doing either of us any good having them in the fridge staring us in the face.
Look at that determination

Tired much?
Definitely nap time...
But not before throwing down the plate.
Pretty impressive though, she ate almost the whole thing
And also a birthday "spanking" for good luck :)
Check out who got her own wing-back chair (from my MIL)
Seriously, does it get any cuter? This is one spoiled girl! (Besides the cuteness, I love it because it matches our furniture - it looks like it was purchased with our set)
After all the guests left and we all unwound a bit and reflected on a successful first birthday, we packed everyone up to enjoy some classic Texas bbq
Then we made a stop at Chico's, a.k.a. my mom's all-time favorite store. Since we have one locally, I wanted to make sure she took advantage of it since there doesn't seem to be any signs of Chico's putting a store in near them in VT

We let her enjoy her time in the store while the rest of us hung out at Starbucks
Looks to me that we have a Starbucks snob in the making
Water...much better choice for a one-year-old

The weather was beautiful, the company was great, Kathryn was quite lucky to receive a variety of great gifts, and the celebration was perfect. Not much more we could have asked for to celebrate our sweet girl.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Lady Bug!!!
    Barbara - where has the time gone? Our little babies are already 1 year old +...precious post!