Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 year

Whether you say it: one year, 365 days, 52 weeks, 525,600 minutes, or 31,556,926 seconds, I still can't get over that I am here today writing about Kathryn celebrating her first birthday. A year later, it feels like it was just yesterday, cliche and all.
The homes screen on my phone at Kathryn's exact birthday moment this evening.
A year ago, I went to work in the morning and left soon after to head to the doctor's office after having strong back pains most of the night and into the morning. My doctor monitored my contractions for a while and said that they were minor and I should go home and rest and expect the arrival of Baby Mendoza within the next day or two.
By "rest" I hope my doctor was referring to eating an entire pizza, because that's what I did. And, I'm not talking about a personal pizza. I'm talking like feed-your-family type of pizza, to which I later threw up after getting to the hospital. Yeah, pretty gross, but also a learning experience. I never knew that throwing up was a possible side effect of being fully dilated (along with the shakes too!). Fun stuff.
My legs didn't look that cute after a full pizza
I took a shower, ate the aforementioned pizza, and then thought it was a good time to make some dinner (pasta e fagioli). All of that is recapped in my first blog post, here.

I will never forget one of the most special moments of the day when E. J. was the one to announce (with a big smile on his face) "It's a girl!". That will forever be one of the best moments of my life as she did a big stretch.
The moments after Kathryn was born are a little fuzzy from that point. So much was going on as they cleaned her up, checked to make sure we had a healthy little girl (and thankfully, we did!), weighed, measured, and documented it all.

Not surprisingly, I do remember 3 hours later around midnight. E. J. went out to get some food since he never ate dinner and since I threw up an entire pizza, I was clearly in need of a meal. We feasted on Taco Cabana - one of the tastiest bean burritos I've ever had - while Kathryn was in the nursery resting.
Can you tell she was done with taking pictures?
I also vividly remember reading the bill from the hospital a month later and noticing that the hour after Kathryn was born and E. J. and I waited in the delivery room to get the "ok" that the recovery room was ready, totaled to a mere $885. Rip off? Thank goodness for insurance.
My face looked pretty similar after looking at the bill
Our lives haven't been the same since that day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Month 12 has been full of exciting advances.

*Still in size 4 diapers
*12-18 month clothes
*She continues to CONSTANTLY do her Tim Allen Home Improvement "HUH?" to everything!
*"Points" at what she wants
*Prefers to feed herself with her hands rather than be fed
*A crawling machine
*Walks sideways like a pro as long as she's holding on to something
*Has 8 teeth that are already fully in or coming in
*Seems to have great mechanics. She always tries to put the tops to her bottles back on, is interested in puzzle pieces and I always let her flip the switch in her bedroom to turn the lights out for bedtime. She knows exactly what to do.

We let Kathryn have a leftover cupcake after dinner tonight to celebrate her real birthday. Unfortunately, she was getting tired and she had a runny nose today, so she may have a cold coming on which meant she wasn't interested in chowing down a cupcake.
After a bath and a bottle, somebody was in higher spirits
So we headed down to the barn with daddy to watch the horses while he unloaded the feed
Peacefully watching
She was perfectly happy and completely silent as she observed
Melt. My. Heart.
Birthday girl, out.
Kathryn's birthday sky. Just as beautiful as she.
Happy 1st birthday, Kathryn. We love you to the moon and back!


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