Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fairly uneventful weekend. Thankfully, E. J. didn't work (that much) this weekend, so we took a trip into town.

First, we stopped at a neighborhood park in town and Kathryn tried out a swing for the first time. Eh, she wasn't the biggest fan of it. Maybe in a few months she'll appreciate it some more.
While in town, we took advantage of a gift certificate to a tasty Mexican restaurant. You don't have to ask me twice if I want Mexican food!
Attempting to draw...although at this age, she found it more fun
to throw the crayons on the floor, but she did make some markings on the paper
Like mother like daughter - loves her beans!
We made a quick run to the grocery store after dinner. Kathryn checked out some merchandise. (She loves shaking pill bottles and dancing to the noises they make)
(Random sighting) Only in Texas can you find a child's bike license plate with this name on it:
Sunday was all about getting things done around the house, while this little girl played...
(I die over her cowgirl boots and this skirt)
and relaxed. She's just like me, loves her back scratched!
And just like that it's already Monday again. We're still hoping for rain. Only 2 counties in Texas have not been affected by the fires, leaving 252 counties affected in some way. The Texas Governor, Rick Perry, requested a Major Disaster Declaration for the State due to the extreme dry and windy conditions, along with many fires. Fingers crossed we have lots of steady rain soon!

Bright and early - ready to start her week full of playing, eating, and naps. Ah, that's the life :)


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