Sunday, April 3, 2011


Unfortunately, it seems as though we find a new perspective in our lives when tragic events happen around us. This was the case for me this past week.
A dear friend and co-worker of mine lost her 8 month old son last week. I simply cannot imagine the heartbreak that she, her husband, and 4 year old son are going through. Her son passed away just 5 weeks after he was admitted to the hospital for what they thought was pneumonia. Three weeks later he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and soon after that, he passed away. Events like this make me appreciate my family even more - especially the little moments that are so easy to overlook each day.
A simple smile

Showing off a new trick that she is ever-so-proud of

Taking a break in between bites of green beans

Giving me a model pose

Patiently waiting for her bath

And making E. J. and I the proudest parents of sweet little girl

As much as times like this are incredible sad, they force us to open our eyes to all the blessings around us. And then suddenly, life's little problems suddenly don't seem that bad.


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