Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm playing catch-up after being a bad blogger this week. It's been a crazy week trying to take care of the final planning for Kathryn's 1st birthday party as well as anticipating the arrival of my parents and brother all while balancing working during the day.

So I just put a mish-mash of Easter photos together below.

Easter morning wake-up!
The wreath outside of Kathryn's door (so the Easter Bunny would know where to come)
1st Easter basket! No, all that candy is not for her, just as a treat for us filler! You can't see most of the stuff, but it was filled with infant appropriate gifts, too :)
Forget the infant friendly crap
I WANT CHOCOLATE! (naturally, this was the first thing she went for)
This girl loves animals
Even the stuffed kind. She went right in for a kiss.
We did let her have a tiny piece of a Peep
It looks like somebody wouldn't mind having Peeps for breakfast everyday...
After a much more nutritious breakfast... was time to get into her brand new Easter outfit from nana.
We headed over to Easter lunch and had a Easter egg hunt. I didn't think Kathryn would think much of it at 11 months, but as it turns out, this girl was born to hunt Easter eggs.
After E. J. showed her that she needed to put the egg in the bag, she was picking the eggs up, throwing them in the bag and was ready for the rest!
Easter weather in Texas
We had a great Easter and hope you did as well!

Now on to some more cleaning. T minus 4ish hours until my family arrives. YAY!


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