Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Around here

It's amazing how much more you appreciate the little moments once you have a child. We are no exception.

E. J. usually gives me a call during the day to see how I'm doing. Saying that we have a "conversation" may be a bit of an overstatement if he's driving around due to the interruptions on the police radio in the background as police officers and dispatch call out codes and calls.

Talking to him with the radio in the background is an art form, well at least for me. C'mon, you have to admit that it's kinda neat and distracting at the same time to hear the crazy things that are happening right as we're speaking.

But between the noise of the radio and catching up on the news of the day, one of us inevitably asks one another, "what do you think Bug is doing right now?". That's when the other will say something like "smiling", "dancing", "playing", or "just being simply sweet".

That same conversation normally happens on our way home too. We almost always carpool now-a-days and when we get close to home we start up again: "I can't wait to see Bug". We then always go into talking about how cute, special, sweet, and every other descriptive word we can think of her. What can I say, we love our little girl!

After a long day of work, I would really love to just throw off my heels, take a shower, put my sweats on and have well-balanced delicious dinner magically appear on the table.

Since my budget spreadsheet doesn't seem to allow room for a live-in maid and chef, I'm not banking on that happening anytime soon. But what I do love is feeding and watching Kathryn eat her dinner or any meal as we eat ours.
4/9/11 Ready to eat breakfast
4/9/11 fresh strawberries :)
Last night after finishing a messy dinner, she ate some Multi grain Cheerios for dessert
I love hearing her make "crunching" noises now that she has some front teeth!
Kicking back after a big dinner
And lastly, feeding herself a bottle before bed while cuddling up with dad.
Around here, things may be busy, but everything is just right.

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