Monday, April 4, 2011

11 Months

It would be an understatement if I said that I can't believe I'm writing about Kathryn being 11 months old already. It's a bit surreal that we are a mere month away from her first birthday, ahhhhh!!! They aren't kidding when they say that time flies even faster when you have a child.

Month 11 has brought many new changes:

*She now has 5 teeth (her 5th one just came through today, right next to her two top teeth!)

*As of spring break in March, she has made it clear when she doesn't want something anymore by shaking her head and saying "no". It's super cute that she now tells us that she doesn't want more to eat...although sometimes I think she says "no" just because :)

*She's now in size 4 diapers as of 3 weeks ago...I think she was happy to have some extra room in the waist. *She is constantly making this "huh?" noise...ALL. THE. TIME. Mom, you put it best that it sounds like the Tim Allen-Home Improvement noise "huuuh???" Although coming from Kathryn, it's adorable and very un-Home Improvement like :)

*K is eating more "advanced" foods...basically with more texture (meats, bigger pieces of veggies) and she loves provolone cheese! She's a pro at feeding herself.

*Speaking of feeding herself...although she has been capable of feeding a bottle to herself for a couple of months now, she's a lazy girl if mommy is around. However, in the past few weeks, she takes control and doesn't need mommy anymore to give her a bottle before bed. Although, I still hold her as she feeds herself...can't let her grow up too fast!

*Last week she began rolling her if she could speak spanish and started rolling her "r"! Or, it could be that she loves cats so much that she started purring...

*She knows exactly what a comb is and starts trying to comb her hair after a bath :)

Not amused.

A little dose of's not always all smiles around here.
But mostly, there's a lot of this.


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