Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - Part II

You guessed it, picture overload! But a great trip deserves lots of pictures.

Out to dinner! Somebody looks happy (because she was looking at Pop, I still have no idea of how to spell this correctly, mom? Thoughts? Anyway, she's looking at grandpa!)
Hangin' in the snow!
Uncle Sam feeding Kathryn in one of the most awkward positions imaginable...
Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Apparently I was celebrating St. Patrick's Day in almost every picture taken. I swear, I had other outfits besides this one green sweater.) Also, what's the deal here with my feathered-looking-mullet-hair?
Eating is serious business
A trip to the famous Vermont Country Store. Fun!
Some Texans and others from southern states often think of "Yankee" as a "bad" word, but us Yankee's are proud to be called that...and it also looks like, proud of our bargains?
Seriously, this store goes on forever - this picture doesn't do it justice.
And the candy section, oh! the candy section...
Vermonters are quite proud of their maple syrup.
Another quaint Vermont town
Visiting my dad at the Weston Playhouse where he was helping with its restoration
The start of mud season. Yes, there is actually a season in Vermont that centers around mud.
A sugar house (meaning, where maple syrup is made). Sugaring was in full force when we were there and you can tell by all the steam billowing out of the houses. Maple syrup is serious business there...$64 a gallon this year! Crazy!
Driving around with some ski slopes in the background.
Besides making a trip home, it was also a time to celebrate Kim - the bride to be! Here we are (the wedding party) at Kim's beautiful shower. I'm so lucky I was able to be there to celebrate!
And then it was time for the bachelorette! Somehow I only managed to snap one picture from the night. (Me, Kim and her cousin, Emily!)
While I was away at the bachelorette, Kathryn enjoyed a fun night at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jon's house...which was full of family. This meant Kathryn was one lucky little girl with lots of love and attention surrounding her :)
And before we headed back to Texas, I was lucky enough to sneak in a visit my dear friend, Danielle! Such a treat to see her for a bit and introduce her to Kathryn!
As hard as it is to live so far from where I grew up, my visits home are invaluable because they are always filled with family, friends, and familiarity - everything that made me, me. I loved sharing that with Kathryn and can't wait to keep sharing this with her as she gets older.

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  1. I find it funny that she has her tongue out in 25% of her pictures, but Kim has her tongue out in 50% of hers!