Friday, March 25, 2011

New name!

Blogging has definitely become a fun hobby of mine that I want to continue to get into more and more.

It's not only a way to keep close family and friends updated on the happenings in our life, but also a great way to document Kathryn as she grows and changes. Plus, it allows me to look back at all the random things that happen which I probably wouldn't remember years (or even days) from now. Someday, I also want to make a hard copy of the blog since it serves as a well-organized scrapbook.

After reading lots of other blogs, I have been inspired to spruce mine up and get a little more creative as far as design goes, however, that is going to take a while for me learn that side of things...

One "easy" thing that I have been wanting to change is the name of my blog. Sounds simple, right? Eh, not so much for me. I became obsessed with finding the perfect name. I asked E. J., my parents, and some friends if they had any good ideas.

There were lots of excellent suggestions but some were too long, not descriptive enough, or they just weren't "doing it" for me.

Then, I was driving to work the other morning and saw a convenient store called "Town and Country Market".

AH HA!!! The proverbial light went off in my head and I instantly knew it was the perfect name for my little ole' blog sans "market", of course. Who would have thought I would get my inspiration from a dumpy looking convenient store?!

I immediately went online, crossed my fingers that the url was available, and $10 later bought: And, ta dah, it was mine! Success!

Yes, this blog will still be a "mommy blog" of sorts complete with my ramblings and documenting, but it's a story told by me, the mommy, which is exactly why I wanted to name of my blog to reflect my story.

I love the name for a number of reasons:

*Manageable title length
*Fairly easy to remember, thanks to Town and Country magazine
*The Connecticut preppy girl in me loves the "ring" it has
*It completely describes me: From always being a city girl at heart who now lives in the with cows right out our window...basically a world I would have never imagined living in but now love.

Because I live in a world that is nothing like where I grew up or ever fathomed that I would one day live in, a lot of my story is the many unfamiliar things that I experience and usually find a lot of humor in because it's simply different than what I know.

I must say, I'm quite happy with the new blog address and I hope to dress up the blog some more very soon. (You can still access the blog through the old address as it will redirect you to the new address). But, from now on you "stop by" the blog by entering the Web site:

Enjoy! Thanks a bunch for reading!

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