Thursday, March 10, 2011

Due North

I'm lucky enough to get spring break off of work each year. This year's spring break is very exciting as Kathryn and I are headed up to my parents house in Vermont!

Since E. J. doesn't have the same luxury of "free-time" off, it's just going to be the two of us.

By now you've probably put it together that:
1) We live in TX
2) That means we're flying
3) I'm doing this alone with a 10-month-old

(This is your cue to start praying like crazy and crossing your fingers that it's an easy and safe trip for us.)

Thank you. You have no idea how much I'll appreciate that.

I'm hoping for a minimal amount of this:
Dare I even ask for none of this? Too much?? Okay, I can deal with a tiny bit of this....
Actually, I'm probably the only person on our flights hoping for an out-of-control crazy kid, infant, or long as its not mine.

I can totally deal with a random screaming baby as long as Kathryn is sitting in my lap just playing with one of the noise-free toys that I'll be carting along for her entertainment.

I must be living in a dream world. I'm taking a 10-month-old on a flight and all she currently wants to do is crawl around and get into EVERYTHING! My daughter is not a fan of just sitting in my, or any one's lap for that least not for 2.5 hours on one of the flights and then another 2 hours on another. Our first flight is only 25 minutes, so surely we can handle that one??

Again, this is your cue to throw in some more prayers for a pleasant or even a tolerable day of traveling.

But after 8 hours of airports and airplanes, it will all be worth it to get off the plane and see my parents :).

So in the meantime, the baby supplies are ready...

(a glimpse a some of the things a 10-month old may or may not need on a trip)
She doesn't even use binky's, but I packed some just in case...better to over-prepare!

...and the bag is packed, along with the carry-on diaper bag filled with everything under the sun.
Yes! That's right, I managed to only pack/check one suitcase that has both of our clothes in it. Translation: I'll pretty much be wearing sweatpants all week. Sounds like perfection to me!

And this is how my husband prepares for a week while I'm away...
Although he's completely capable of cooking, it appears he's going to miss my cooking.

I don't plan on blogging for the next 10 days since my parents still have dial-up. DIAL-UP!! I might try to blog from my phone, but there's no guarantee that will be successful.

Actually, I'm looking forward to not using the computer on this trip. I honestly can't even remember the last trip home I took without my laptop because I always had homework that took away from just hanging out with my family. Thank goodness that is behind me!

So, here we go! Early tomorrow morning, Kathryn will embark on her second trip to New England while I hope to just keep my sanity. But, after the flight is over, it's time to enjoy a precious week at home.

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  1. This post is sooooo cute, sweet, and fun! From the picture (worth a thousand words!!), traveling with a baby thoughts to the picture of the smart ones (again, pic worth a thousand words!!)! You crack me up:) Have fun:)