Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Although gross, boogies have been the theme of the last few days in our house.

E. J. was sick at the end of last week and he was ever-so-kind to pass on this nasty cold to Kathryn and myself. Although we could have all gotten sick due to the 30+ degree shifts in temperature from the morning to the afternoon and evening.

Looking back at the day, I really shouldn't have gone to work as I had a wheezing undertone in my chest and my entire head was congested. Constant sneezing and blowing my nose does not equal the most professional looking employee...

Although, I think poor Kathryn had it the worse. A poor helpless baby is a sad, sad sight. Thank goodness for "Boogie Wipes". They are coated in a natural saline so not to dry out their skin like the common tissue often does.
Ready to conquer another day...and kick this cold to the curb.
Kathryn seemed to be doing much better tonight. Although I may still be feeling crappy, we're happy she seems to be happier and healthier.

She "walks" around all over the place, as long as she has something to hold on to.
Staring out to the front porch.
6:15 p.m. Kathryn out. (Hard day of playing and fighting off this cold). Me, looking sicky sick.
Time for me to sign off folks...the Nyquil is kicking in.


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