Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break - Part II

You guessed it, picture overload! But a great trip deserves lots of pictures.

Out to dinner! Somebody looks happy (because she was looking at Pop Pop...um, I still have no idea of how to spell this correctly, mom? Thoughts? Anyway, she's looking at grandpa!)
Hangin' in the snow!
Uncle Sam feeding Kathryn in one of the most awkward positions imaginable...
Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Apparently I was celebrating St. Patrick's Day in almost every picture taken. I swear, I had other outfits besides this one green sweater.) Also, what's the deal here with my feathered-looking-mullet-hair?
Eating is serious business
A trip to the famous Vermont Country Store. Fun!
Some Texans and others from southern states often think of "Yankee" as a "bad" word, but us Yankee's are proud to be called that...and it also looks like, proud of our bargains?
Seriously, this store goes on forever - this picture doesn't do it justice.
And the candy section, oh! the candy section...
Vermonters are quite proud of their maple syrup.
Another quaint Vermont town
Visiting my dad at the Weston Playhouse where he was helping with its restoration
The start of mud season. Yes, there is actually a season in Vermont that centers around mud.
A sugar house (meaning, where maple syrup is made). Sugaring was in full force when we were there and you can tell by all the steam billowing out of the houses. Maple syrup is serious business there...$64 a gallon this year! Crazy!
Driving around with some ski slopes in the background.
Besides making a trip home, it was also a time to celebrate Kim - the bride to be! Here we are (the wedding party) at Kim's beautiful shower. I'm so lucky I was able to be there to celebrate!
And then it was time for the bachelorette! Somehow I only managed to snap one picture from the night. (Me, Kim and her cousin, Emily!)
While I was away at the bachelorette, Kathryn enjoyed a fun night at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jon's house...which was full of family. This meant Kathryn was one lucky little girl with lots of love and attention surrounding her :)
And before we headed back to Texas, I was lucky enough to sneak in a visit my dear friend, Danielle! Such a treat to see her for a bit and introduce her to Kathryn!
As hard as it is to live so far from where I grew up, my visits home are invaluable because they are always filled with family, friends, and familiarity - everything that made me, me. I loved sharing that with Kathryn and can't wait to keep sharing this with her as she gets older.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Kathryn Edition!

Although we aren't avid Dancing With The Stars watchers, we do occasionally turn it on if there's nothing better on.

Tonight our tiny dancer gave us a reason for watching it more frequently...so she could show off her dance moves!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New name!

Blogging has definitely become a fun hobby of mine that I want to continue to get into more and more.

It's not only a way to keep close family and friends updated on the happenings in our life, but also a great way to document Kathryn as she grows and changes. Plus, it allows me to look back at all the random things that happen which I probably wouldn't remember years (or even days) from now. Someday, I also want to make a hard copy of the blog since it serves as a well-organized scrapbook.

After reading lots of other blogs, I have been inspired to spruce mine up and get a little more creative as far as design goes, however, that is going to take a while for me learn that side of things...

One "easy" thing that I have been wanting to change is the name of my blog. Sounds simple, right? Eh, not so much for me. I became obsessed with finding the perfect name. I asked E. J., my parents, and some friends if they had any good ideas.

There were lots of excellent suggestions but some were too long, not descriptive enough, or they just weren't "doing it" for me.

Then, I was driving to work the other morning and saw a convenient store called "Town and Country Market".

AH HA!!! The proverbial light went off in my head and I instantly knew it was the perfect name for my little ole' blog sans "market", of course. Who would have thought I would get my inspiration from a dumpy looking convenient store?!

I immediately went online, crossed my fingers that the url was available, and $10 later bought: www.townandcountrymom.com. And, ta dah, it was mine! Success!

Yes, this blog will still be a "mommy blog" of sorts complete with my ramblings and documenting, but it's a story told by me, the mommy, which is exactly why I wanted to name of my blog to reflect my story.

I love the name for a number of reasons:

*Manageable title length
*Fairly easy to remember, thanks to Town and Country magazine
*The Connecticut preppy girl in me loves the "ring" it has
*It completely describes me: From always being a city girl at heart who now lives in Texas...in the country...like with cows right out our window...basically a world I would have never imagined living in but now love.

Because I live in a world that is nothing like where I grew up or ever fathomed that I would one day live in, a lot of my story is the many unfamiliar things that I experience and usually find a lot of humor in because it's simply different than what I know.

I must say, I'm quite happy with the new blog address and I hope to dress up the blog some more very soon. (You can still access the blog through the old address as it will redirect you to the new address). But, from now on you "stop by" the blog by entering the Web site:


Enjoy! Thanks a bunch for reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break - Part 1

Our spring break trip to Vermont and Connecticut was a blast! Unfortunately, my fear of Kathryn crying on the plane came true for much of the trip there. Let's just put it this way - it was nothing short of miserable for a lot of the time, but well worth it once we finally landed.

I decided to split up the first group of pictures as a look of the trip through my iPhone.

Waiting to board the first plane. Don't let this cute little happy face fool you.

This pretty much sums it up...
Checking out the snow
Practicing climbing up a little step in my parents house. A pro!
This is how Vermonters chill wine on a whim.
Uncle Sam came up for a visit from Boston! Here they are playing with Tupperware and K perfecting the art of putting a lid on and off.
We ate some delicious meals (gotta have dad's homemade pizza!)
Perfect hot chocolate weather (and yes, I made sure we made my obligatory stop at Dunkin Donuts for their hot chocolate, too!)
Mom made delicious crepes with fruit. Yummy!
And Kathryn ate from a silver spoon the entire trip. Oh boy...
Kathryn and I woke up from a nap one day (yes, I was able to take naps!) and it was snowing (actually it snowed on a few occasions)...so we had to go outside and explore.
Bundled up for a walk.
Walks are exhausting.
I was able to get some use out of my fave L.L. Bean boots.
Happy little girl ;) (with some food in her mouth...not a 5th tooth)
My dad enjoyed teaching her how to drink out of a glass and bottle. She's a pro!
Out to dinner one night. Although she can't use it on her own, they gave her the cutest little Kathryn-sized mason jar.
And they had a player piano that K went nuts for while sitting at the table. She was dancing up a storm! When we left, we put a quarter in the piano and she tried to play it herself. Musical genius in the making??
Hanging around the house.
Check out the classy corral my dad created so Kathryn wouldn't go
near the wood-burning stove :)
Sweet dreams
End of the trip: Headed to Kim's bachelorette! A.K.A. my first night away from Kathryn. Yikes! Thanks to my parents, Aunt Deb and Uncle Jon and lots of other family, she was in the best hands possible!
Flight back to TX! Thankfully, more manageable than the trip there. And, we lucked out with an empty seat next to us, which provided more wiggle room.
Waiting for our last flight while in Houston. Future barrel racer, perhaps?
Long day of traveling. Such a sweetie!
More pictures to come!