Saturday, February 5, 2011


When there's snow in Texas, the world stops. Well, that might be a little dramatic, but with the rarity of snow here comes a lot of excitement, even for me, a girl who grew up in snowy New England.

I'm always so jealous when I hear of friends and family back home who are snowed in. But, I'll be the first to admit that if I was actually living in it for months out of the year, I would be dreaming of sandy white beaches and 80-degree days.

Yesterday was one of those rare snow days. I was lucky enough that work was cancelled due to a whopping 2" of snow. Although to be fair, there was a good bit of ice on the road.

Kathryn and I took full advantage of the snowy weather to play for a bit in the snow and wear her snowsuit!

The backyard

The view from our bedroom - the pasture.
A surprise. A big surprise.
This is a sight I'm not supposed to see, horses in our yard. We essentially have two yards. The immediate yard fenced in around our house and then a yard outside of that for the horses. Somehow, the horses unlatched the gate and were chasing each other around our yard. I was shocked to see them galloping around the yard as I was getting ready...

Luckily with a little bit of patience and a big bucket of food, in just a few minutes I was able to make them go back into their designated area. Just another day in the life of me ;).

All ready to go!

Look at that excitement...
Adorable pink cowgirl boots from my mother-in-law!
It was a fun snowy day! However, today the snow melted away in the mid-50 degree weather. Such is Texas :).

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