Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Proofing

We are a little overdue on some of the much needed baby proofing measures that all parents must take at one point or another. Although we have taken a few precautions, K has been loving opening cabinets and naturally reaching in them to find treasures. So while out running some errands today, we picked up these little gems:
Speaking of errands. Look who was over-the-moon to be at Home Depot today.
Opening the entertainment center
"Nothing to see here"...
The scene I often find in the morning if K is already awake. Thankfully, about a month ago E. J. lowered the crib to its lowest setting. So, no climbing out of the crib...yet.
Opening more cabinets....
Upset to hear that hydrogen peroxide is in fact, not a toy.
And by the looks of this mismatched outfit, I better stop blogging
and throw some clothes in the washer.

Disclaimer: Don't worry, all the photos above were taken while under complete supervision :)

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  1. we are in the same boat! Moving cleaning supplies OUT OF REACH, etc. The baby gates are in lock down at all times! She still manages to find things that I didn't know existed to get into!!!