Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little bath, BIG BATH!

Last night we retired K's little bath that she's been in since about 2 weeks old. Now that she's more active and loves to splash around, along with her getting too long for the tub, it was time.
Here she is last night in her last little tub run (with her ducky - she doesn't let this thing go the entire time she's in there. She gets her love of ducks from her daddy!)
And tonight in her big bath!
"Check out all this space!"

As you can see, most of these photos have too much flash. I recently got a new camera and I'm still learning the settings. Someday I'll be a pro ;).

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  1. darling! we retired xia's infant tub a while back, too. We moved her into a toddler tub... I guess! It's shaped like a bath tub, but mini. Love that thing!