Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kathryn's baptism

Kathryn was baptized today! It was a special day for quite a few reasons.

We didn't know that we would be able to have Kathryn baptized at today's mass until the beginning of last week, so it was a bit last-minute. Our good friends, Paul and Margie, are Kathryn's Godparents. Because Paul is in the Navy and will be deployed soon, we were able to expedite the paperwork and found out about the approval just days before.

Paul and Margie made the almost 8-hour trip from Mississippi for a less than 24-hour trip. Needless to say, we're very lucky to have friends that would come that far and Kathryn is lucky to have such great Godparents.

After dinner last night we sat around and talked until after midnight. It was fun catching up and sharing funny stories. Around 9 p.m. Kathryn woke up because she probably felt like she was missing out on all the fun :), which actually worked out nicely because she got to open gifts from Margie and Paul.
Love this beautiful charm James Avery bracelet!
Cute new outfit and fun talking bear!
Shortly after Kathryn was born, my mom sent down the baptismal gown that has been in our family for almost 70 years. My dad and all his sisters wore it to their baptisms, as well as my cousins, and my brother and myself. It was really special that K was able to wear the gown as well.
(These were taken post-baptism, hence the greasy hair from the anointing oil)
Because there were two other baptisms along with Kathryn's, mass was about an hour and 20 minutes a.k.a. a long time for a infant to sit in her parents lap :). But, I must say, she was really well behaved! She didn't cry at all, just wanted to talk, sing along, and clap. One of the other baby's who was being baptized sat behind us and there was a little while when she doing some serious crying. I felt bad for the parents, but I must say, I'm so glad it wasn't K doing that crying. I think Kathryn was trying to "talk" to her and telling the baby to calm down because she was looking at her over my shoulder and trying to "talk" over her :).

There was a lady who came up to us after the service to tell us how well-behaved K was and how cute she is. She makes her parent's proud!

The baptism bib and candle. A lady at our church makes one of each baby who's baptized and they put it on her during the ceremony.
Officially baptized!
Kathryn with Uncle Paul and Aunt Margie
I look tired...
A big thanks to Margie and Paul for making the long less-than-day trip to Texas and being such great Godparents to our sweet little girl!

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