Thursday, January 6, 2011

A different start to my morning

As I left the driveway this morning to head to work, my radio suddenly went out, the lights went dim, the heat went off, and my speedometer and other dials went down to "0". This happened twice but no other signs of any problems.

I was running a little early and a diet Dr. Pepper popped into my mind. "Geez that would be tasty later today", I thought. So, I made the rare move and stopped at a gas station right around the corner from my work, got my diet Dr. Pepper and put my key in the ignition and not a sound was to be heard. My car (aka "Patrick Swayze as my brother, Sam, affectionately named my car years ago) was not coming back to life.

Thankfully, our AAA membership was still valid (oddly enough, I was planning on paying our yearly dues next week as the membership is going to expire next Friday!). Phew!

Here's old Patty getting towed...
Thankfully, it was an inexpensive repair. Turns out the thingy (don't mind my highly advanced technical terms) that is the connection to the power of the battery needed to be replaced and I was able to get my car back on my lunch break.

I even found a $5 off a $50 or more purchase online before I picked up my car. The total for the service was $49.03. That sums up my day.

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  1. Poor Patty...
    Glad it was minor and didn't break the bank...although an additional $.97 wouldn't hurt!!!