Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day of new experiences

Today was a big day for Kathryn. She retired her original car seat now that she's getting too long for it and the straps are stretched out to the max.
Here she is a couple of weeks ago in her now retired car seat
With a new car seat comes some new experiences. Now that she's in the larger one, that also means that we can't carry her into places while still in the car seat (which was also getting crazy heavy to carry around lately!).

My car needed some things done to it, so we dropped it off and ran some errands in E. J.'s truck. First we stopped for some lunch and Kathryn tried out her first high chair in a restaurant.
What a pro
Then, it was off to Target. First time flying solo in a shopping cart.
Then, my favorite part! E. J. and Kathryn dropped me off at the day spa and I cashed in my Christmas gift from K - an hour massage! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! How can I arrange that to happen every week? The lotto, perhaps? Just did...I spent the only dollar I had in my wallet today on a lotto ticket and found out I was issued the wrong one because I didn't get a winner.

Back to reality.

After picking up my car, we had to drop off E. J.'s truck at the dealership because he discovered a leak in the backseat when he was installing K's new car seat this morning. Great, more money...

So that required a car seat-install change to my car for the ride home (once we have both cars back, they'll each have their own, permanent car seat).

All this running around really wore someone out. So much so that she removed her socks and got herself into a really uncomfortable sleeping position.
After taking a bath and eating dinner, it was time for trouble...
Hope you had a great Saturday that was much less expensive. Arrrrggggg!!!


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