Thursday, January 20, 2011

Country Livin'

Since E. J.'s mom watches Kathryn during the day, he normally does an easy "chore" for her each week that saves her time and an extra trip into town...picking up feed for the horses. As I mentioned in my last post, his mom and step-dad have over 30 horses, so yeah, that's a lot of food.

E. J. will usually go to the "feed store" also know as the "co-op" after work, however, last week we had a unique vehicle situation. E. J. was able to bring a patrol car home from work because he had a conference to attend. Although the conference was only about 50 min from our house, it was in the opposite direction his work, which allowed him to take home a car.

So at the end of last week, I took his truck to work so that I could pick up the weekly feed order after work. Although the truck is 100x bigger than my car, I have fun driving it since you're so high off the ground. I feel "in charge".

Of course, I had to document my trip to the feed store. Sure, I've been there over a dozen or so times, but this time I was alone and was determined to act like a natural. Of course, a local would never think to document their trip to the feed store because it's old hat, but this New England girl was definitely out of her element.

I pulled up to the feed store and looked the part in my Dodge Ram 1500. The Burberry jacket may have thrown off the "look".

You can tell Friday is payday for the farmers because it's a crowded place. You could get lost in a sea of trucks and trailers.

Here's what I call the "Feed Menu Wall"
I confidently walked up to the counter and looked down at the text E. J. sent me with the items I had to order: 14 crimped oats, 8 14% sweet textured, 8 12% sweet textured, 1 sack of stall dry, 1 hen scratch, 1 game bird started, 1 sack lay pellets.
Of course, I had no idea what any of this stuff means, but I'd like to think that the girl behind the counter thought I knew what I was talking about. I, like most people, don't want to look like I don't know what I'm talking about. I fooled her.
Can you see the bottom...yup, that's 950 lb of food to last one week!

Cute (and very polite) cowboys load the feed for you. It's actually really easy to do this errand. I didn't have to lift a finger or even pull out my wallet because we just bill it to E. J.'s parents account. Maybe I misspoke. It's an easy task for me. When I pulled in the driveway, I'm not the one who has to bring the feed to the barn and unload it all...that's what the husband is for. I may not be a born-n-bred southern girl, but I played the part for about 15 min.

And I threw this one in for fun :) K all bundled up to brave a chilly morning!

Happy Friday!


  1. Ahhh! She's too cute I almost can't stand it! I was raised in Texas, and I would still wear a Burberry jacket to a feed store...although, I've never needed to go to a feed store :)

  2. u crack me up, barbara!!! I think the Burberry jacket prob threw it off just a wee bit!!! LOL!