Sunday, January 30, 2011

Barbie the Barber?

Well, I might not be taking quitting my day job to take on my new persona, "Barbie the Barber", but I must say, I'm happy how my first-time as a barber worked out.

In the spirit of saving money, reducing debt, and only buying the basics (that's quickly taking on the theme-of-the-year...or the next five years), one way to save a small amount each month is for me to give E. J. a haircut.

Honestly, the thought of me cutting E. J.'s hair was nothing less than nauseating. Soon after we woke up (you can see from E. J.'s bedhead in was early morning) neither of us wanted to eat breakfast just so we could get it over with.
He was equally nervous. (Rightfully so...since he was the one who had to live with the results)

User-friendly razor set we purchased with part of a Target gift card. Color coded guards included (phew!)

The aftermath (we plan on doing this on the front porch in the future,
but today's weather was yucky)

Ta-da! Finished product! Turns out, I did a pretty decent job. (I had visions of giving E. J. the unfortunate "mushroom" look or bald patches)
Showing off the new hairdo during some after-dinner calisthenics

All-in-all, my first time as a hairdresser ended pretty well - E. J. doesn't look like a freak show. So, success!

In Kathryn news...
Waking up from a late morning nap!

It looks like the blackberries for dessert today were a success.

Mobility = Trouble


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