Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What a day! Kathryn and I left the house at 8:30 this morning and didn't get home until 5 after doing a bunch of errands, last minute Christmas shopping, and we ended with grocery shopping. For such a long day, Kathryn was a champ. Seriously, this girl didn't even make a peep (except when she wanted to "talk" or "sing" along to Christmas songs in the car).

I just can't get over how good she is, especially since she only slept about 30 minutes combined the entire day as we jumped from place to place (12 stops all together). Needless to say, every fiber of my body is exhausted from carting around a K and taking care of stuff.

One of our stops was the mall to pick up a few things and take a picture with a the jolly man himself. To be honest, a few weeks ago I didn't really consider getting Kathryn's picture taken with Santa since she's so young and it doesn't mean anything to her right now.

As weeks went by and I saw other moms posting pictures of their babies with Santa. I completely feel into the peer pressure because there was no way I was going to deprive my baby of her first picture with Santa!

As I brought Kathryn up to Santa, it really hit me. I got so excited that she was going to have her picture taken!

She was so great! Kathryn checked out Santa for a minute and then looked at the photographer and gave a little smile. The photographer even commented that she was the easiest baby he's had so far :). I'm really glad we ended up getting her picture taken!


  1. She looks adorable! But i have to say one thing... now that the masters degree is done... i expect more than 1 photo in a blog update... and i also expect at least daily updates now!!! Kathryn once or twice a week just isn't enough!

  2. Thanks, Andy! You're completely right! Actually, I'm brainstorming on a post of things I want to do now that I'm done with school and one of my top things is to blog...much more! Definitely be expecting more posts soon!