Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Kathryn had quite a few festive outfits and there wasn't enough time on Christmas day to have her wear each one. So, the day after Christmas we dressed K up as one of Santa's reindeer, and boy did she look adorable!
I failed to mention in my last post that E. J. and I made Christmas dinner for his mom and step-dad on Christmas day. It was the first time we ever hosted such a big meal and it was a ton of work! He was in charge of the turkey and homemade cranberry sauce and I made all the sides. I cooked for 4 hours straight and was up late the night before making a raspberry torte.

Everything turned out tasty but we were bums the next day and recovered by laying around most of the day in between doing loads and loads of dishes.

Breaking the wishbone with dad from yesterday's turkey!


  1. Daily updates... Now this is more like it!

  2. Barbara -
    I feel so behind! I just caught up with your Dec blogs! Lovely! I can't believe that Kathryn is near crawling already. Where has the time gone? She is beautiful, just like her mom:) I love her long hair - it's so pretty:) Both you and EJ look great and I'm sure (like us) it was your best Christmas ever with your baby girl. Her outfit changes were darling! Xia still has a few Christmas like dresses that we haven't gotten to. I figured she can wear them to church in January. So glad that K liked the teething / fruit feeder:) Xia still loves it and is nearly 11 months old. I hate typing 11 months, soon it will be 12m and then will I forced to say a year? For 12 months, I've been counting weeks and months when referring to her age, just to be summed up by saying one year? 11 and 12 months sound so much more fulfilling that 1 yr!!oh my! I need to stop analyzing it so much!
    Anyway - sorry this post is so long!
    Love you guys - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)