Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Food

Kathryn is in full-force when it comes to eating real food now. She still has about 4-5 bottles a day, but is also eating a "real meal" twice a day. We started out with some plain-old rice cereal at 6 months. At around 6.5 months I mixed a tiny bit of real food in, and at 7 months she was eating straight food.

As an early Christmas present to myself, I got this beauty: a KitchenAid food processor. My mom highly recommended this one and I'm so glad I ended up going with the KitchenAid. (Plus it matches my KitchenAid mixer - another kitchen appliance I now can't live without!)

I love this thing for lots of reasons, but here are a few:
* It's great for my own cooking/baking
* I feel better knowing that Kathryn is getting only the fruits and veggies that I feed her with no worries of any preservatives
* It's super easy to use
* Clean-up is a breeze

Foods Kathryn has tried and loved so far...
* Acorn squash
* Carrots
* Peas
* Sweet potatoes
* Beets
* Bananas (she eats an entire one during a meal)

Food Kathryn is not a fan of...
* Avocado's (I was hoping this one would be a hit since they are filled with all sorts of good nutrients, but it was a fail. We'll try them again in the future in hopes her tastes change)

She also still enjoys sucking on frozen fruit (rhubarb and peaches) in the contraption I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, here.

She tried beets this weekend and really enjoyed them, however they make her look either like: a) The Joker from Batman or b) like she went out to the yard and killed something with her bare hands and ate it:). Scary!


  1. Those pictures are hilarious! Kim taught her well...

  2. I agree, Andy! They are two peas in a pod!

  3. I'm going to try beets this week!!!
    I just hope we don't ruin any clothes...:)