Monday, November 15, 2010


It has certainly been a busy week-and-a-half since I last updated, hence the amount of time it's been since my last post.

I have mostly been consumed with school (ugh). I took my comprehensive exam for grad school two weeks ago...and PASSED!! What a relief! The exam consisted of 6 hours of typing like a mad woman (2 days, 3 hours at a time). It was such a great feeling to get word that my three committee members approved!

Today I gave a presentation about my internship and an overview of my experience in the graduate program. It went really well and my graduate advisor said I did a great job, phew! I also had to turn in my portfolio which consisted of a number of things, including my published pieces. Here she is :)

Now I just have one paper to finish and I should be DONE! I promised myself it would be done by the end of this week and I'm hoping I can hold myself to that goal!

Last Wednesday was our 3 year wedding anniversary! Wow! How has it already been 3 years?To celebrate we took advantage of Lyle Lovett being in town. Perfect timing, Lyle!

It was a bit of a crazy night: Got home, bathed Kathryn and got her in her pj's, drove back into town and dropped off K at our friends' house (first time she's stayed with a babysitter!), and ate a quick dinner as we drove to the concert.
So romantic - Chicken Express! Greasy deliciousness
(Too much food though, I couldn't even eat half of it).

It was such a great concert and we're so glad we can now say we've seen him live! Fun night! His set lasted 2.5 hours! We were really feeling it though because by the time we got out of there, picked up Kathryn and got home, it was midnight. Needless to say it confirmed that we're getting old ;).

The only picture I took of us that night...right before we crashed at 12:30 a.m..
We were pooped, can you tell? ;)

On to some other updates:
A random picture. Love this one. She looks like she's got a major 'tude going on.

Now that our pumpkins are starting to rot, it was only necessary that E. J. shot them.

I made these cute little pumpkin spice cakes this weekend for a Thanksgiving get-together we had at work today. I got the pan at the Williams Sonoma outlet (I never get sick of that store) and was so excited to use the pan and the recipe it came with! Yummy!

This past Saturday evening, Kathryn was definitely not acting like herself. She is not normally a fussy baby, but she just wasn't happy playing or doing much of anything. Her nose started getting stuffy, but she slept through the night just fine.

She was pretty snotty Sunday morning but the suction bulb to extract boogies came in very useful (by the way, my journalism degree is coming in quite useful as I write about extracting boogies).

As the day went on, she continued to be fussy and even took 2, 2+ hour naps during the day (rare for her). Since you're not really supposed to give babies her age any medication, E.J. went out and found this great Vicks waterless vaporizer that just plugs into the wall and makes her room smell like a Vicks sauna.
Poor little sick girl :(

I think she also timed getting sick for the first time perfectly since I had saved preparing for today's presentation until the last minute.

Snuggling with dad before bed. She looks happy here, but those rosy red cheeks were an indicator that she would not be so happy later when she was trying to fall asleep.

So with the combination of her humidifier (thank, Ryan - it's coming in super handy!) and the Vicks vaporizer, she woke up only a little congested...but of course, smiley :).

Tonight was a bit of a repeat from last night. We took her temperature in her tushy (again, my journalism skills are definitely coming in handy) and it was an even 100. We called the doctor's office and within a minute of me leaving a message with the message service, we got a call from the doctor. He said you subtract a degree from the tushy temperature ;) and confirmed that everything we were doing was all we could do for now.

Kathryn feel asleep in E.J.'s arms tonight. Such a sweet girl! Here's hoping she feels better in the morning.


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