Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late)!

We had a nice Thanksgiving at E.J.'s step dads mother's house (that's a mouthful!). After lunch we took advantage of our time off and left Thanksgiving afternoon for Fort Worth - not to do anything in particular than just get away and spend some time together...good enough reason for me!

When we do stay at a hotel, we often choose Omni Hotels because we always have a great experience. Although we aren't staying in hotels too often, we are at a level in Omni rewards program that we can get a free room upgrade. E. J. arranged the room ahead of time and when we checked in we found out they upgraded up two rooms and into a luxury suite (that's their name for it, not mine - but they mean it!).

The room was amazing and a great surprise! It had a 180 degree view of the city, a doorbell, an entryway, 2 bathrooms, a dining area, living room, and office area. It was about 1300 sq. feet and a treat to say the least.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Right after we checked into our room)

Checking out the room service menu

Pre-Thanksgiving dinner

Post-Thanksgiving dinner

Freshened up after dinner
Kathryn hanging out in the room (we had to remind her not to get used to hotel rooms this size as the norm for our getaways ;) )

Somebody looks a little tired after a full day

The next day we headed to the Stockyards to do some exploring!

We to bundle the little Bug up for the day. Thanks to my mom, we used her snowsuit jacket to bundle her up to the point that she couldn't move ;)

I've official become a mom. I was so concerned about packing for Kathryn, I totally forgot a jacket for myself. Luckily the 30 and 40 degree weather warmed up a bit and along with a beautiful sunny day, my sweatshirt did the trick and I ended up being just fine. Although, for the record E. J. offered me his jacket a bunch of times ;).

Rodeo clown!

Out little jail bird

Freshening up before we went out to dinner in a "big girl" bath. By the way, check out the shower. One of the most amazing showers I've ever been in -it had four jets on top of the shower head!

In the lobby before dinner

After two fun nights is was already time to pack up to head back home.
Patiently waiting as we packed up
This has been her "thing" lately - a smile that requires every muscle in her face!
Waiting to head home (in her sweater vest!)

I hope you and your family enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving, too!


  1. Beautiful post. Miss Katie has gotten so big and DARLING!! ps...liked your luxury suite! How cool is that?!