Monday, October 18, 2010

We LOVErmont! (Part 2)

After 4 crazy days (traveling to VT, quick trip to CT. the following day, preparing for the party - that was all my mom and dad, and then the party) the rest of our visit was low-key and absolutely perfect!

On Sunday we laid around the house all day :-).

Aunt Heather & Uncle Sam with K
Sam pretended to be a snowmobile model.
And then was a showoff.
Heather practiced her safety skills with this awesome vest.
Kim & Kathryn played :)
Another bathtime picture, courtesy of Heather!
Uncle Sam with K before everyone had to head home :(.
Heather and her sweet sister, Kristen saying their goodbyes.
On Monday, mom, K, and myself headed over to Manchester for a fun girls day of shopping at the outlets! We stopped at my favorite place, The Gourmet Deli, for a delicious lunch. It was so beautiful that we were able to eat outside (very rare for Vermont in October!).

I get this sandwhich everytime.
The Gourmet Grilled Cheese (with tomato, avacado, pesto & bacon!)
Mom & K :)
Right before lunch, K had a poop explosion. I did a classy move and changed her in the truck of my mom's car and soon realized I completely forgot a change of clothes. Seriously?!? First time I've ever done this. Luckily her clothes were not ruined for the day, yet somehow her socks were a hot mess. Luckily I had her blanket and quickly put it over her so everyone didn't look at me like I had just won worst mom-of-the-year for not having socks on my baby :-)
Thanks for the blanket, Mom. Next time remember some socks.
Photo-op at the Orvis outlet!
Our last stop was at this cute shop mom and I always take a peak into. To go along with the theme of the day, K decided to make it interesting and added another explosion to her clean diaper. To really top the classiness of the last diaper change, this time I had the pleasure of changing her across the street of uber fancy Equinox Hotel and Spa.
Thank goodness for that changing pad!
The trip was well worth it though. Mom bought K an adorably cuddly rabbit at the shop.
She LOVES it!

After a fun-filled day of shopping :)
On our way home I picked up my favorite hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts
(no whip cream, of course). This is one of my must-do's when I go home since
we don't have a DD anyway near us.
See, she loves this rabbit!
A little award winning gouda cheese. This girl knows a quality cheese when she sees it.
Love it!
On our last full day in Vermont, we hung around the house for the most post so I could sneak in some homework (blah!).

Mom waiting for the stupid dial-up Internet. I think they are 1 of 10 people left in the U.S. that still use this archaic means to connect to the Internet...
Story time with Nana :)
Heading over the our neighbors, Michael and Lydia house for some tea and to introduce K to them. Lydia made this adorable baby sweater kimono for K,
so of course I had her in it to show Lydia how cute it is!
The next morning meant it was time to go back to Texas. Brrr, it was chilly when we left!
But this made me feel much better (my last treat before we left!)
Wednesday was a long day that started with a 6 a.m. wake up, drive to CT.,
first flight Hartford ------>Chicago
(Here we are in Chicago - the baby carrier was a lifesaver!)
What a day! Thankfully, we sat next to "baby friendly" people coming and going and K was really well behaved. FYI: If you are ever looking for a little challenge, try traveling alone with a baby. Suddenly going to the bathroom is one of the most difficult things you have ever done.
However, I need to send a huge thank you to Aunt Monica and Uncle Pat who greeted us in Dallas while we waited for our connecting flight, on both of our stops in Dallas. Thanks to their super American Airlines powers, they were able to meet us right when we got off the plane and relieve me of carrying Kathryn and her diaper bag
(which suspiciously seemed to get heavier and heavier). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Our last flight was the only flight that wasn't completely booked, so when we landed I was able to sit K in the seat next to us while I gathered the diaper bag.

We landed, Mom!
K was super excited to see her daddy when we got off the plane and gave him a big smile!
It's good to be back home, but I had the most amazing time with family and friends in New England :).


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