Sunday, October 17, 2010

We LOVErmont! (Part 1)

K and I are back from our trip to Vermont! I really wish it didn't go by so fast, although somehow my trips up there always have the habit of going by too quickly!

Once again, I can't thank my mom and dad enough for another AMAZING trip home to New England. You guys make it that much more difficult to leave each time. If you don't want me to miss home so much, you'll just have to stop being some of the best parents of all time ;).

This post will definitely be picture overload, but it's the best way to give you a glimpse into our memorable week in Vermont! To break it up a little, I'll do separate posts.

The plane ride to Hartford was a breeze! Kathryn did great (phew!) and slept most of the time due to us taking a late flight into CT. We arrived into Hartford at 12:30 a.m. and got to Vermont at 3 a.m.

After a few hours of slept, Kathryn woke up to her first morning in Vermont
and checked out the scenery with Pop-Pop!
K's first sink bath (she loved it!) to freshen up after a long day flying
the night before and getting ready for a day trip to Connecticut.
In Connecticut for the day. We stopped by the house I grew up in (2 yrs - 18 yrs old).
I miss this house!
We even got to see Jen, Jon, and The Mullally's. I'm so glad we were able to stop by and see them and their new house (which is beautiful by the way)!
We drove back to Vermont that night. The next day we started out
with a beautiful walk along Burbee Pond Road.
Mom & Dad's house
Nana & Kathryn :)
After our walk, K & Pop-Pop did some exploring around the yard.
She went right for the basil in his garden!
One of my favorites
Mom cooked all day in preparation for the party the next day...YAY for a big family party! While mom cooked, Kathryn did some playtime and a bit of relaxing :)
Friday night tradition: Dad's homemade pizza...AMAZING!
Clam pizza with fresh basil from dad's garden...delish!
Kathryn even took a quick gnaw of the crust :)
Mom made one of my favorite desserts: apricot torte!
Hanging out with Pop-Pop after dinner!
The next day, it was time for the family party! And a big thanks to everyone who came all the way up to Vermont. I can't thank everyone enough for coming to meet Kathryn! Thanks for putting together such a great day, mom and dad!

Resting with Uncle Sam before the day.
Aunt Heather!
Cousin Maggie!
This picture doesn't do any justice to the amount of food that there was.
Cousin Sarah!
Julie and Kathryn (they share the same b'day!)
Aunt Debbie!
Mrs. Chapman!
Auny Libby and Uncle George!
Dance party!
Aunt Sue!
Me, K, and Mom!
Aunt Kim! (Who ran a half marathon that morning and then drove up to Vermont!)
Aunt Barbara!
Pooped after a long day of family fun!
She sleeps just like her mommy and daddy - Captain Morgan style :)


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