Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner at our house lately

For the past month-and-a-half Katie Bug has been loving and doing very well in her Bumbo now that she much more strength in her neck. So, instead of sitting in her swing while we eat dinner, this is what dinner at our house looks like:
(of course, we join her ;) )
However, tonight after dinner we did things a little differently. After E. J. gave K a bath and got her ready for bed it was time for her to eat, but not just her usual bottle...
When we were at the doctor yesterday for my back, we took advantage of being there and asked him about feeding K a little bit of cereal (conveniently he's our family doctor for each of us) because she seemed to be wanting to eat more frequently. He said it was okay to introduce a little bit of cereal at this point. So tonight we went for it!
Daddy giving it a try :)
Excuse my I've-been-laying-in-bed-all-day look. Thankfully the muscle relaxers allowed me to sit up for a bit to feed K for the first time!
They say you know your child is ready for food if they go for the spoon. She was ready to say the least - trying to launch her whole body towards the spoon!
Milky cereal face
She likes it! (Again, trying to avoid the flash!)
15 minutes after this last picture was taken, she started and finished her bottle and fell asleep. First "food" feeding was a success!

Now it's time for me to me to lay down again and keep resting my back. I'm still not able to walk completely upright and I decided it's probably best that I don't go to work tomorrow. I wish missing work was on better terms. Here's to feeling better asap!

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