Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful weekend!

The weather this weekend was just perfect! It's finally getting cooler (and by cooler, I mean we had a high of 80 today!)

Hanging out with mom Friday night.
Snuggling with dad Friday night.
Time for errands on Saturday afternoon. She's such a great little traveler! (Love those legs!)
Playtime on Saturday afternoon in her obnoxiously cute hat!

Sunday morning nap after breakfast (me: 2 minute nap Katie: 30 minute nap)
Lots of playtime!

For the last 2 weeks, Kathryn has really been loving her exersaucer! We tried to put her in it a month ago and her neck would easily get tired, but it's amazing what a couple weeks will make! She loves this thing (thanks, Jen!!)! Although, I don't think this video shows how much she enjoys it, she gets so distracted by the video camera :)

Playing on the floor in her bedroom :)

Whew! Must. Take. Nap. Played too hard!
Soaking up that vitamin D!
In the spirit of fall, I made one of my favorite soups, Chicken, Artichoke and Cennelini Bean Spezzatino. So tasty and perfect for a fall day (and figure friendly, too!)

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