Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I forgot to post a few pictures from this past weekend!

I think Ms. Kathryn's appetite is definitely increasing as she's now drinking a full 8 oz. bottle when she's hungry. She's better a little "off" from her usual sleeping schedule and has woken up a couple of times over the past few nights, which isn't really like her. It leads me to believe that she might be ready for a little rice cereal now that's she's turned 4 months. We'll see what the doctor says at her four month appointment in about 2 weeks.

We got home late Friday night after the dinner at my graduate advisors house and she was sleeping for about an hour then woke up suddenly crying. She seemed really upset and I thought maybe she had a nightmare? (Random thought: But really, how is a mom to know if it was definitely a nightmare...that happens to be a pet peeve of mine when a mom will say, 'she was definitely having a nightmare last night'(or a tummy ache etc.). How the heck do you know for sure? Babies can't talk!

What I do know for sure if that the poor thing looked so sad.
How does this not break your heart?

But it was nothing a bottle and some cuddles couldn't fix (Disclaimer: Excuse the dark circles under-the-eye look. It was 11:30 on a Friday night and I had washed my face and had the after affects of lingering mascera)

Saturday we did some tummy time. Look at that strong neck!

All ready to celebrate her 4 month birthday!

Is it Friday yet? :)

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  1. Xia used to wake up screaming, too. The only thing I could think of was possible nightmares...but how do you know for sure?!?!!! Never discovered the cause...