Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nursery Pictures!

A blue room for a baby girl? Have you ever heard of such an injustice? What parents would do that to such a sweet girl?

Really? I'm kidding and have absolutely have no problem with Kathryn having a blue room. The story is that the room was already blue and we decided to just keep it that way, especially since we didn't know if Kathryn was going to be a boy or a girl. I figure when she's older, we can go to Home Depot and pick out a color that she and I can agree on :).

I should have taken pictures of her nursery a long time ago, but better late than never. Enjoy!

Hanging out in her crib while I have a photo shoot of her room.
Love the classic Winnie the Pooh bedding!

I love the gingham curtains in her room. P.S. I highly recommend getting blackout curtains, these are wonderful as they darken up the room so well once they're closed.

Kathryn is one lucky girl with quite the baby wardrobe.

To maximize space in her room for the time she's in a crib, we put her dresser in the closet, which works out really well. It turns out that if you grow up in new house, closet space is much greater than if you grow up in a house that was a hundred years old (literally). Growing up, I could barely fit my clothes in the closet , never mind an entire dresser!

View from her window. Once we do more yard work and it's not so bloody hot and allows grass to grow easily, she'll have pretty view of green grass surrounding the pond.

Had to throw another picture of my sweetie in there :)

Kathryn's reading chair, which we LOVE! Lots of time already spent there reading stories and lots more reading time to come!

I also adore her shelves. Yes, that's right, I haven't put pictures in the picture frames yet, just waiting on picking out the perfect ones to put in there. I also think the bottom shelf needs one or two cute accessories, but I'm holding out until I find something that works.

No, you're not crazy, the "t" and "y" letters on the top shelf are crooked. They can be screwed directly onto the wall, but in the catalog I saw them just propped up on the shelf and I liked the look of that. The only problem is that the "t" and "y" don't have flat bottoms. However, I kind of like them being crooked and think it gives the letters some "character", if you will.

The needlepoint my Aunt Debbie made me when I was born. I love that my mom brought it down so I could have it in Kathryn's room. Thanks, Aunt Deb! :)

I'm obsessed with this canvas picture I found online. I think it looks great in her room. Plus, it's not too baby-ish, so she can having it hanging on her wall for a long time. Apparently Kathryn approves too because she gets so excited when she checks it out!

The dresser, bed, and desk were E.J.'s childhood bedroom set. Someday we might paint it white to make it a bit more feminine. Also, you may notice that there's no changing table in her room. A lot of friends discouraged me from getting one and I'm glad we didn't end up buying one. We use the twin bed as her 'changing table' and just always have a changing pad on the bed. I don't regret for a second not getting one because it would take up more space and it's not a piece of furniture that you can use once she grows out of it.

I think her nursery turned out great and honestly when you're in it, it feels cozy. I'm not sure the pictures completely do it justice!


  1. Her nursery looks so great! I still need to finish decorating Xia's room. Poor child, Mom is not a great, creative decorator. it takes a lot of energy for me to focus on decorating. And, Xia has a teal-ish colored room;)!!

  2. I love it! And you're right; that canvas is beautiful!