Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Day!

Friday was a big day for Kathryn and me! I had the day off from work so we could get lots of errands out of the way, but it started out with Kathryn's 4 month check-up, which went great! She's a healthy little girl :).

This is when we arrived at the doctor's office.
Waiting to see the doctor...poor thing didn't know the shots were about to happen.
After she got her shots, I picked her up and even with tears in her eyes she was all smiles.
What a trooper!

Back at home, showing off her Band-Aids.

4 Month Stats:
Height: 26 inches (can't quite tell what percentile because it's past the 95 percentile, however, the chart doesn't go any further than that, so again, she's OFF THE CHARTS!)
Weight: 15 lb 14.5 oz. (90th percentile)
Clothes: Wearing 6-9 month outfits

After lots of errands, we headed home and got ready to head back into town to attend my Aggie Ring Day! Ring Day is a pretty big deal around here. Trust me, if it was any other college, I probably wouldn't even think twice about getting a class ring, but the Aggie Ring is a whole different story.

For those of you reading things who aren't Aggies, here's an explanation about the Aggie Ring and a little video on how it's made.

My little Aggie ready to go get mom's ring!
About 3,500 people got their ring yesterday. Here's a glimpse of just fraction of them waiting around to get their ring or take pictures with family and friends.

Signing off for my ring!

Gig 'em, Aggies!
Aggie Family Shot! (Kathryn is taking it easy here)
We ran into Reveille! (A&M's mascot)

One of my favorites
Out to dinner to celebrate!

A close up of the ring.

Aggie mints that a friend of mine gave me in honor of my ring day!

To sum it up, it was a GREAT day!


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