Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Seriously! Another weekend has quickly passed and I don't know where it went. Although our weekend was fairly uneventful, here's a recap!

Kathryn at her grandma's on Friday. Happy, as usual!

Friday night was great because we had take-out, which meant no cooking for me! After giving Kathryn a bath, feeding her din-din, she was off to sleep and we watched "The Wrestler". Eh, not exactly the most uplifting movie, but we're trying to make Friday an/or Saturday night in-house movie nights.

Saturday: The 3 of us went into town, ate some Chick-Fil-A (YUM!), and did our grocery shopping. All the running around really ran someone out :)

Since Katiebug no longer fits into her adorable sunhat, while folding clothes, Tiger, E.J.'s 19 year old cat tried it on. He's a sweetie.
Saturday night we watched "Taken", which was excellent! Very suspenseful, nerve racking, and keeps you thinking.

We went for our usual weekend walk on Sunday morning. Within the first two minutes, this is what happened:

Somehow I ended up doing 5 loads of dishes this weekend yet picked up dinner Friday night, I cooked Saturday night, and we had leftovers tonight. (See, not much happened this weekend and the 'excitement' of the weekend was the amount of dishes I did).

Kathryn has been drooling up a storm, which must mean teething is around the corner, so she often needs to wear a bib to prevent the front of her clothes from getting soaked. Here she is representing her favorite team (hopefully she'll take my side and not become a Rangers fan like her dad.). She was cracking up while I was talking to her and taking pictures. After these pictures, she ate and went to bed for the night at 6:50 p.m.!

See! Not much going on here...just waiting on fall to get here so we don't have anymore days over 100 degrees!


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