Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tummy Time!

In an attempt to keep strengthening her neck little muscles, I taped a little bit Kathryn's tummy time! Before you know it, she'll be sitting up on her own :)

Holding on to daddy's finger in her little monkey pants this morning.

Snuggling with dad around 10am before he heads to bed for the day.
Great news! E.J. will be heading back to his old job in 2 weeks, which means that while he'll still be a peace officer, he'll have "normal" work hours. A normal schedule = more family time for us and no crazy sleep schedules anymore because it stinks being on completely opposite schedules, especially now that Kathryn is in our lives. Thank goodness, it's a huge relief!

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  1. that's great! nothing like being on the same schedule with a baby in the family:)