Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Feasts

This morning I made a big breakfast for us which turned out to be pretty tasty! We had waffles, scrambled eggs/scrambled egg whites for me, and bacon. We think we should try to make a tradition out of a big weekend breakfast :)

Kathryn showed off her lazy Sunday attire while hanging around in her jeans and a shirt E.J. picked out for her (it reads: "Don't you wish your baby was sweet like me") Too cute!

For dinner I tried out a new recipe I've had my eye on for a while from Barefoot Contessa; Penne with vodka sauce. You can find the recipe here . The recipe says to drain the tomatoes and I don't think I drained them enough because it seemed like there was a little too much sauce, but I'll know better next time. Besides that, it was delicious and I highly recommend giving it a try! I didn't add the parmesan cheese since E.J. isn't a fan, so the meal felt less "guilty" :).

Now we have lots of tasty leftovers :)


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