Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Big Milestone!

I'm a couple days late to recap from this past weekend, but I swear I have an excuse. After a year of writing stories, I'm finally finished my last story to fulfill my internship hours, yay! I'm meeting with my graduate advisor during my lunch break tomorrow to go over edits. Once I "clean up" the story with those edits, I'll send my story on to the book review editor and it's out of my hands and on its way to publication! What a great feeling! It's one step closer to being done as I turn in my last internship invoice. This fall I have to work on my portfolio, present it, and take my final exam (I'm dreading that part the most!).

Now that I have a little more time before I head to bed, I wanted to post some pictures from this weekend and also announce that Kathryn rolled over for the first time on Sunday! I was changing Kathryn's diaper and noticed that she was really moving a lot more and was rolling to her side, so E.J. and I put her on a blanket in her room and had her playing around. I ran and got the video camera in case she did roll over and then it happened, caught on video! (It took about 6 minutes, but I cut down the video to the good stuff :).

Now to backpedal a bit.

Showing off her sticking-out-my-tongue-skills that her daddy taught her.
(She's imitating him here).

Hanging out with dad.

Saturday morning Kathryn and I went for a walk. We had to go at 8 a.m. before it got too hot, and even at that hour I came back sweating (hello fall, where are you??). As we prepared for our walk, I tried to put on her cute sunhat, but apparently she's grown since the last time she wore it and it's too small!

The three of us ran some errands in town later that afternoon and picked up some new shades so she wouldn't have to worry about the sun in her eyes on our walks.

Preparing for a business meeting that she's been stressing over for weeks.

Winding down after a long day and watching "Monsters vs. Aliens" with dad (animated movie). It was crazy how she would get so excited during the "suspenseful" parts of the movie. She would wiggle all around and her arms and legs would flail all over the place! And no mom, we don't sit her in front of the tv all day ;).

Walks are not only more enjoyable without the sun in Kathryn's eyes, but much more stylish.

After our walk, we had a casual Sunday morning photo shoot.

It looks like I'm coming down with a case of the-mom-is-never-in-the-pictures-because-she's-always-taking-the-pictures syndrome that lots of moms seems to come down with. I'm going to have to work on that.


  1. Kathryn is one of the stylish babies around! Maybe she'd agree to an interview for one of my columns?

  2. She's love to, Sarahbeth! I'll have her people get with your people to set up an interview :)

  3. **oops! Did not mean to put the "h" in your name!!