Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back in the Routine

Well, tomorrow it's already back to work. Where has the week gone? Thankfully, the transition back to working full-time was made much easier. E.J.'s mom kindly volunteered to watch Ms. Kathryn while she's still a tiny little girl, so she won't be heading to daycare just yet. Plus, it's a nice feeling knowing that she's in good hands. This situation works out really well as there isn't an available spot in our #1 daycare choice right now, but one should become available sometime early next year.

Besides making the big step to head back to work, this week Kathryn also had some milestones:
1) She can turn on our side! She can't roll over yet, but she's half-way there!
2) Giggles! After dinner, we were sitting at the table and E.J. was playing peek-a-boo with Kathryn while I was holding her. He's tried it with her in the past, but she really wasn't getting it. Today it was definitely "making sense" to her and she would start laughing each time he uncovered his face. It was super cute - we'll have to catch that on video soon!

What I did catch on video was a glimpse at Ms. K waking up in the morning. She's always soooo happy when it's time to wake up, so I thought I'd share some proof! THANKFULLY she's still been a great sleeper! From day 1 she has slept in her crib :) Granted, the first month was a little rocky, but since month 1 she has continued to sleep though the night!

A few things to note:
1) Her adorable little legs! You'll see her nightgown rode up a bit and her socks are pulled up past her it! She's past the swaddling stage because she just breaks out of the blanket within a few minutes, so that's why she gets high socks to keep her little legs warm :)
2) Listen carefully: Once I set her down on the bed to change her, I ask her: "Who's the happiest girl in the world" and it TOTALLY sounds like she says "I AM". There are a other times where it sounds like she's trying to immitate me, but her response to that question was just too much!
3) Enjoy! (She makes 5:15 a.m. look great)

On a side note...I can't wait for fall to get here. Below is proof as to why I'm over this summer thing. We have a thermometer on the porch and the display for it is in our laundry room. 115 degrees at 7:30 p.m.? NO THANKS!


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