Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Waive

E.J. has been teaching Kathryn to waive and stick out her tongue and she is really catching on (especially with sticking out her tongue, it's so cute!). Yesterday, I tried to capture some waiving action. She's a little rusty, but I guess we'll give her a break since she just turned 12 weeks old yesterday ;). (Can't believe how quickly these past 12 weeks went by!)
Here she is practicing her waiving! (Disclaimer: Beware - extreme cuteness, and also a random hand on the bottom left of the screen - that's E.J.'s hand, he was taking a nap since he didn't get much sleep trying to adjust to his night schedule).

I snuck into her nursery a couple of nights ago to capture a couple of pictures while she sleeps. She either sleeps with her hands above her head or out to the side. We get a kick out of watching her sleeping positions :)


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