Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off The Charts...Literally!

Yesterday was Kathryn's 2-month checkup! She did great and demonstrated her super strong lungs when she got her vaccinations. Although, as soon as the band-aids were on, the crying stopped and she was ready to go run errands with mom. She checked out to be a strong healthy girl - the best news a mom and dad can hear. :)

2 Month Stat's

Height: 25 inches (the nurse said she's off the charts in this category because she's past the 95 percentile! Super model in the making?!?!)
Weight: 12.1 lb (90th percentile)

Battle wounds (notice she wore her lion shirt to show how brave she was)

As mentioned in my last post, Kathryn LOVES her swing and especially the monkey that dangles above her. There's also a hippo swinging next to the monkey, however, she prefers the monkey and gets soooo excited by it. Not only is the swing great for entertaining, but it's her favorite daytime napping spot. She won't take much of a nap in her crib during the day, but will sleep for a good amount of time as she's being rocked away. Here's a look at her enjoying her swing!


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