Monday, June 28, 2010

Kim visits Texas!

Kim was so sweet to come down for a visit to meet Kathryn (and I guess she wanted to visit me too ;) ). We had a great time and I love that she was able to see Kathryn while she's still tiny. Here are some pictures from our great visit with Kim.

Kim's first day here. Kathryn loves her Aunt Kim!

It wouldn't be a true visit from Kim without a trip to Souper Salad ;-)

My little fashionista

Showing off those cute little muscles!

Because its so darn hot right now and there's no sight of it cooling off until the fall, I hate that I can't take Kathryn for walks. Instead, we ventured to the mall for the first time to take a walk in the air conditioning. Thanks to Kim's help, the trip was a success!

I love her mischievous look in this picture!

Mrs. Chapman was sooooo sweet to send Kim down with a gift for Kathryn! This has to be the softest teddy bear I've ever felt - it's made from Alpaca fur and feels amazing! I can't wait for Kathryn to be old enough to snuggle with it. I have a feeling this bear is going to be her favorite snuggle buddy. Thank you SO MUCH Mrs. Chapman! :-)

All snuggled up with Auntie Kim

Check out that gorgeous engagement ring! Can't wait for Labor Day 2011!

Family shot :-)

Thanks so much for visiting, Kim! We had a great time and can't wait to see you again soon!


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